ASCOS (Advanced Study Course on Optical Chemical Sensors) is an European initiative to establish an education, discussion and contact platform for young researchers working in the strongly growing field of optical chemical sensors, besides the traditional conferences. ASCOS is being held as a biennial event, each time in a different European country.

The idea of ASCOS is to bring together Europe’s bright young (future) scientists, coming from all imaginable fields of expertise related to optical/chemical sensors, to learn from selected tutors and from each other in a relaxed atmosphere. ASCOS covers all the different methods of optical chemical sensors and related fields and provides a platform to exchange ideas and experiences, while having a good time

The social effect of ASCOS is to meet new people of around your age working in related scientific fields. Many of these contacts last on after the end of the course, forming a very special European Optical Sensor Network …

ASCOS attempts to reach the ideal of a tutorial course – first teaching theory and basics on a level every participant can follow and then making the participant use this information in a practical application – by combining two main components:

  • A number of invited Tutorial Lectures, focusing on basic principles of sensor technology, held by invited lecturers. The lecturers – renowned specialists in their respective fields – are solicited carefully to ensure a high scientific level.
  • A Project Group Work, using the input from the course and the special knowledge of each participant to find a feasible way to solve an analytical problem with optical chemical sensors. Small, mixed groups of 5 to 6 people are assigned a problem, which has to be solved and presented at the end of the course.

So – all you need is the preparedness to meet people working on similar problems as you probably do, to share your ideas and to have a good time while improving your knowledge on optical chemical sensors.